Gabbro-diabase, 50 kg (bag)

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4627077204405. Laos 50 kg .

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One of the most common stones for sauna stoves. It is heated evenly throughout its mass and has the same thermal expansion coefficient in all directions. Gabbo-diabase accumulates heat quickly and holds it for long. It is easy to lay this stone in stoves thanks to its slightly flattened shape Gabbro-diabase consists of plagiclase, pyroxenes, amphiboles, and titanomagnetite. None of these minerals contains impurities. Based on its nuclear and hygienic properties, it is classified as the 1st Class material.


Density: 2790 to 3300 kg/m3.

Specific heat capacity: 0,79 kJ/kg°C

Compressive strength: 311 MPa

Melting point: 1200 °C.


Kaal 50 kg