Termofor Sayany XXL Inox Vitra, CE (29503)

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29503. Laos 99 kg , .

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Sauna stove “Sayany XXL 2015” is next model in assortment line of popular grid-stoves “Sayany”. This is the biggest grid-stove in the line and is designed for sweating-rooms with volume of 12-24 m3.

In comparison with numerous import grid-stoves it has favorable price. It differs from Russian stoves by stylish design and high quality of performance.

In comparison with other stoves in the line “Sayany XXL 2015” has built-in closed stove (like in “Angara 2012”), two-stage steam preparation (like in “Geyzer 2014”), bigger weight of the stones put into – more than two centners (200 kg) and modifications with built-in heat exchanger. 

Big stone masonry prevents hard infrared rays from stove walls and has high thermal storage.

Sauna stove “Sayany XXL 2015” is perfectly suitable for owners of big steam saunas who appreciate long sauna taking.


Volume of the steam room (min) 12 m3
Volume of the steam room (max) 24 m3
Fuel type Wood
Recommended steam bath mode Russian
Material of construction Heat-proof steel
Length of warranty 3 years
Volume of the firebox 36 l
Stone mass 225 kg
Mass 63 kg
Stove type Mesh unit stove
Maximum log length 400 mm
Dimensions (L×W×H) 865x680x920 mm
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Minimum chimney height 5 m


Kaal 99 kg