ERMAK 20 Classic

459.00 inc. Vat

Laos - 70 kg , .

Ermak 20 Classic is a universal bath stove, in which firewood or fuel briquettes can be used as fuel. The design of the furnace is specially designed for maximum efficiency with a compact housing size. The furnace is completely fireproof and has the appropriate safety certificates.

The furnace is designed for a steam room volume from 10 to 24 m3

Reliability of the furnace is ensured by a combination of optimal design solutions, automatic welding and high-quality heat-resistant materials used.

The special design of the furnace, which provides for the possibility of installing additional mounted and built-in equipment, allows you to create your own unique version. Hinged options are located on the back of the oven.

On the Ermak 20 Classic oven can be additionally installed (purchased separately):
Door with glass – an option for replacing a standard steel door with a door with 19 cm Robax heat-resistant glass.
Heat exchanger – for heating water in a remote tank or heating
Steam generator (steam generator) – to create soft finely divided steam
40 or 55 liter mounted tank – for hot water in the steam room
Remote tank up to 100 l – for hot water in the washing
Mounted net-heater – to accommodate an additional 50 kg. stones
Additional convector screen – for protection against hard infrared radiation from the rear wall of the furnace and increase convection
Various options for the chimney pipe (pipe convector, economizer, tank, etc.)
Due to the ability of the furnace to change according to the needs of a person, it can equally be used to create regimes of both a Russian steam bath and a Finnish dry-air sauna.

Features of the Ermak 20 Classic bath stove:
High efficiency due to the unique design of the furnace, furnace and complex smoke channels
Fire chamber vault made of steel 6 mm thick.
Remote combustion tunnel (18 cm)
Fuel: firewood, briquettes
Opportunity to upgrade the furnace with additional options
Fast heating of the room – due to the strong convection of the convector cover
A unique heat exchange system for the design of the furnace that evenly distributes heat loads
Optimum design of the chimney system, with an increased length of the passage of the flame and flue gases
Two-stream system of gas ducts of Kamenka
Chimney connection diameter Ø 115 mm
Large firebox with log length up to 58 cm
Open type heater with large volume and heat transfer area
Steel pivot door (left / right opening) with self-cooling handle
Durable cast iron grate and large ash scoop
Duct cleaning hole

The material for the manufacture of the furnace, heater and flue system is structural carbon steel. The thickness of the furnace chamber is 6 mm, the walls of the furnace, heater and smoke channels are 3-4 mm. The metal thickness is optimally selected for the frequent operation of the sauna furnace and is designed for a long service life.

The Ermak 20 Classic oven has a classic design and rounded body shapes. The case, door and ash pan are painted with high-quality wear-resistant silicone paint, which polymerizes after the first furnace firing. Be sure to read the rules of the first firebox of a bath furnace for the polymerization of paint.

The decorative frame of the tunnel and decor elements are made of chromed stainless steel.


Ermak 20 Classic

Furnace power, kW

The volume of the steam room, m3

Diameter of the chimney, mm

Chimney thermal resistance class
T 600

The mass of stones in the heater, kg
50 – 60

Oven dimensions (length / width / height), mm

The mass of the furnace, kg

The maximum length of firewood, cm