Termofor Tunguska XXL 2013 Inox Vitra, heat exchanger, anthracite, CE (31804)

792.00 inc. Vat

Laos - 75 kg .

This is a forced version of the popular «Tunguska» steam bath stove. While preserving the key advantages of the base model (rapid heating of the steam room, cost effectiveness), this stove has increased power and can be used in large steam bathhouses with steam rooms of up to 24 cubic meters.

Each model is produced in 4 variants of external design: terracotta, anthracite, chocolate and NK (convector of polished stainless steel). There are also modifications with a short fuel canal (SFC) and «Vitra» modifications with a large translucent screen with a diagonal 39 cm. There are also models with a heat-exchange unit and with a translucent illuminator that makes it possible to control the burning process from the steam room.

The stove is intended for intensive steaming and is made only of heat-proof steel. There is a three-year «Iron Warranty» on the integrity of metal and welded seams of the firebox for all «Tunguska XXL 2013 Inox» stoves. It is recommended to use the stove in the mode of a dry heat sauna that is popularly called «Finnish».


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Volume of the steam room (min) 12 m3
Volume of the steam room (max) 24 m3
Fuel type Wood
Recommended steam bath mode Finnish
Material of construction Heat-proof steel
Length of warranty 3 years
Volume of the firebox 61 l
Stone mass 92 kg
Mass 70 kg
Stove type Stone unit stove
Maximum log length 660 mm
Built-in heat-exchange unit Yes
Mass 77 kg
Volume of the steam room (min) 12 m3
Volume of the steam room (max) 24 m3
Stone unit type Open non-ventilated
Stove type Stone unit stove
Chimney position Shifted
Hatch type Large translucent screen,
Convector design Anthracite
Chimney size 115 mm
Dimensions (L×W×H) 1010х500х810 mm
Chimney diameter 115 mm
Minimum chimney height 5 m
Базовая единица шт
Maximum log length 660 mm
heat exchanger Yes